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Miami-Brazil Connections in Numbers

Miami-Brazil Connections in Numbers

by Sep Niakan | October 07, 2015

The Brazilian populace of Miami celebrated their heritage on September 7th. This date marks the anniversary of their independence and in its honor, a statistical report concerning the relationship between Brazil and Miami was published.

  • There are currently over 44,000 Brazilians who live in Miami, plus countless tourists visiting from Brazil.
  • Brazilian buyers made up 11% of all international real estate in South Florida.
  • Incidentally, Brazil ranked number one among foreign countries that searched for South Florida real estate online. Brazil was the top country in 15 out of the past 18 months in this area.
  • The exchange rate of the Brazilian Real to US Dollar is 31 centavo (the Real’s equivalent to a cent) to one dollar. This is down 13 centavos from last year.
  • There are 22 new millionaires in Brazil every week, several of them are “flush with cash from a strong economy,” and are buying property in or simply visiting the Miami area.
  • Giraffas Brazilian Grill has a total of 10 franchises in Florida, headed towards their goal of 150 stores by 2020.
  • HFZ Capital Group paid $175 million for the Shore Club in 2014, which will be operated by Brazilian hospitality company. Shore Club will be the first hotel outside of South America that Fasano operates.




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